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Dr Coffee F12 with Self-Cleaning Milk Fridge
The pioneering brewing system can meet your need for both non-pressurized regular coffee and pressurized espresso. The innovative grinder with ceramic flat-type blades accurately grind the coffee beans into unified-size powder, bringing out the unique flavor of the coffee. The 7” touch panel is easy to use, direct and efficient, by which customized coffee is just at your fingertips. The combination of enlarged bean hopper, water tank and grounds container can easily cope with peak hour demand. Self-Cleaning Milk Rinsing System
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Grimac Mia
It is a small sized coffee machine and yet it delivers professional performances of the highest quality. It is manufactured and designed to be used with ground coffee and is suitable for both small communities and the HoReCa market. It is available in an electric version featuring a coffee dose dispenser programmable by means of a keyboard or in a semi-automated one with a nonstop supply regulated by a solenoid valve. Both styles are available either with a 5 litres tank or with a connection to the water supply network. The steam nozzle is loose to make its removal easy. Coffee is supplied thanks to the boiler's heat exchanger and the water heating circuit, the latter allowing for a better coffee extraction. It is possible to install a special device which allows to use the coffee machine with both coffee powder and pods.
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Saeco Lirika OTC
Lirika is a simple, compact and performing machine, ideal for the office and small Ho.Re.Ca. venues. It has modern and essential lines, high capacity water and coffee tanks and is incredibly easy to use. Lirika OTC is the best expression of Saeco know-how, that offers a concentrated mix of top quality and performance. The wide display allows the user to choose espresso or coffee and hot water. The “One Touch” system in Lirika OTC, thanks to the innovative “Pinless Wonder” cappuccinatore. Characterised by the pre-brewing system, a Class A boiler, ceramic blades and a removable brewing unitto facilitate cleaning and maintenance activities.
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Tre Machine
Caffè Vergnano’s new, all-Italian machine, designed exclusively for ÈSPRESSO1882 capsules.
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Tre Mini Machine
Trè Mini, is the latest addition to the TRÈ machines by Caffè Vergnano . Produced in Italy with a compact and functional design , it is designed to extract all the flavor and aroma stored in the Èspresso1882 capsules .
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Wega Orion Gold
Resistant and easy to use, Orion Gold allows for the preparation of a quality espresso with just a few simple gestures. Although it’s part of the entry-level category, in fact it contains all the characteristics of a “great machine”. Orion Gold is the right product for those who need high performance at the right price. EVD: electronic version fitted with a built in microprocessor controlling all operations, and providing volumetric dosages for coffee brewing. The automatic programming of 4 different doses. Two stainless steel wands, one manual hot water tap, automatic water re-fill and built in volumetric pump as standard.
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