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Cosecha (Tempranillo)
A dark wine, a brilliant cherry red with vivacious maroon reflections. Its full potential is clear on the nose with a refreshing aroma packed with strawberries, red plums and raspberries enveloped in lactic notes. Very smooth on the palate, with low tannin content. Its lively acidity affords a vivacious attack, well-balanced with the alcohol content.
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The colour is an intense, deep, blood red colour with purple hues indicating good ageing. The nose is clean, bright and fruity, with overnotes of ripe plum and red berries mixed with creamy and spicy notes of liquorice and thyme. The palate is powerful and velvety at the same time, with a good attack consistent with its excellent structure. In the mouth, it shows the elegant evolution of ripe tannins. Finally, its acidity supports the mid-palate, giving it a long finish. It is a wine ready to be enjoyed, although its structure and acidity ensure proper ageing.
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Honoris de Valdubon, Cosecha
Honoris 2012 is a very dense, lively red, with streaks of violet from excellent development in both barrel and bottle. The nose is young and yet complex. The aromas of black plums are intermingled with vanilla and touches of spice with thyme being the most attractive and developed. On the palate it is full, but still soft, full of ripe tannins. The acidity and alcohol are in good balance, leaving a sensation of both warmth and freshness. A powerful entry, followed by an impressive level of development, showing all its great potential. The finish is long and very intense. A particularly enjoyable wine.
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colour with a violet rim which shows its excellent ageing. The nose is rich in ripe red fruit mixed with nuts, spices, toasted flavours and liquorice. On the palate it is powerful, joyful, thanks to its good acidity, and full of ripe tannins. The attack is elegant, with an excellent evolution and intense finish. To better enjoy the wine, we recommend decanting Valdubón Reserva 2014 for 30 minutes before tasting.
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In appearance the wine is young, lively, deep in colour and intense, with deep morello reds flashed through with bright violet. The nose is very expressive, and full of fresh, ripe red fruits. This profile is complimented by notes of oak from its brief ageing in barrel, principally showing as coconut, vanilla and liquorice, which over the coming months in bottle will gradually be integrated into the wine. On the palate it is silky and well structured, full of well polished, ripe tannins from its time in wood. Bright, lively with good acidity, nicely developed and with a very long finish. This is a wine which can be drunk now, although its inherent structure will allow it to develop well for a considerable time in bottle. A wine to be enjoyed on its own or with any fine meat dish.
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Valdubon Diez
In the glass, it is a very rich, bright, intense blood red colour with glints of garnet that simultaneously indicate youth and power. On the nose hints of vanilla, mint and spices from aging in French oak mixed with a touch of liquor red and black fruits. In the mouth it is smooth and warm, with a powerful first impression due to a good balance between its acidity and the ripeness of its tannins. Its evolution is pleasant, with a broad, silky mouthfeel. The palate is lively and light followed by a long aftertaste. A wine that is both appropriate to enjoy with a light snack and to accompany a good meal.
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